Πέμπτη, 4 Οκτωβρίου 2012

We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren't acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst.

Hello everyone :) 
This weekend was a big refresh out of my daily routine! 
Me and friends had some great time, which reminded me that someone can 
also have fun outside the house. Ok i admit it, i'm more about the warmth of my house 
and less interested in going out. But we need balance!

This week was beautiful and as always full! 

My dad gave me a list of 1500 books to choose. 
He had a huge discount from his work and he told me to pick some. 
It was a nightmare. Some?! Only somee?? 
I kept the list for future research. By dad is awesome!!

My hand made mini cameo locket and yes yes yes!!!! 
I finally managed to find this poster!!! 
The movie is extraordinary and definitely recommend!! (Anonymous 2011)

This was my room (some of it at least) 
in the beginning of the summer but now (again)...

... i decided to redecorate my bed and make some hand-made pillows. 
Is dificult to find black matterials!
My head is full with ideas, lets see what will happen in the end! :P

I always dedicate this week to honour, in my own way one of the people
(if i can say i love it would be extreme?) i admire alot!
Of course i'm talking about Edgar Allan Poe and his death (7/10).
The person who saved me through his work. The only person i admire so much
for several thing (not only his glorious work). Some days ago i find out that
Baltimore closed the Museum and the House of E.A.Poe and i felt so awful.
If i was living there i would be a guard at his Museum or his House for free. 

My love, my life, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to you.
Blessed be your soul.

source/edit by me
source/edit by me

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  1. As always, such beautiful pictures and you're outfit is gorgeous, plenty of black, frills and lace, it is the perfect combination!

    I love that candelabra in your bedroom, and of course the mask! I have a fondness for masks myself :)

    That's awful about the closing of the E.A.Poe museum, surely they are making plenty of money from tourists by keeping it open! Maybe nowadays they aren't making as much from it. I know they were going to demolish it in the 30's before it was saved and opened as the museum so I really hope they don't plan on doing anything like that with it again! I suppose there is still the E.A.Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia but I've always wanted to visit Maryland some day for many reasons and the E.A.Poe museum was one of them! At least the public can still see his grave and monument an Westminster Hall cemetery ~♥~

    1. Huge fan of this color!! I adore anything that comes into black!! And lace was my favourite add in any clothes i found!! This was a small preview of my room (not that i have a lot of space) and i will redecorate it!! Ideas come and go!! I start this week and we will see what will be in the end!!:P
      The city cut the yearly payment as i read cause they said it was a lot of money!! But for the love of God, i dont believe those two sites have so much need for so much money!! The cemetery, at least for now is open but the museum and his house no =/

  2. Oh Gosh! Just ten books from a list containing more than 1500? It sounds like my worst nightmare, ahaha :P
    But it so great that you can get big discounts on books! Printed paper is my Achilles Heel too. In my case, there are so many second hand libraries around that I have to watch my wallet every month just to avoid the most absolute ruination. How can you say "no" when you can get books for one euro each? For me is simply impossible.

    By the way, I totally love your private chamber, loooks very glamourous!♥

    1. Oh yes, this was one of my worst nightmares!! I dont know how i end up choosing only the 10 i choosed! But i made it through the end!:P
      I'm more with the old second-hand books too, more than the new, but i decide to choose some of the books i cannot find in second hand stores!!!
      They are all a big temptation , leading us to the prison one day haha :P Haha omg you cannot say no! Is not that easy!!!!!

      Thank you thank you my dead very much ^^

  3. You look like a little doll on that photos, i love the effect of a puffy skirt and corsetery, even when the skirt it's smaller it still looks amazinnnng.
    Omg how can you just choose 10? Well your lucky anyway, cherish them well :P but i know you will, we seem to share that love for books, show us your spoil when you can, i wanna crave over them :P Help me get a little more poor.
    I just can't understand how it is possible to do such things to EAP stuff, when I say him , i say every other great person that make our world such a beautifull place, I am not in love at al with mordern art, and just as me i do believe a lot of people, not only like us, would love to share it's last places of geniality, either way, it's the world we live in.
    Please show us when you're project it's complete, i would love to see it when it's ended.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment and the sweet words :) Aww like a doll!! When i picked up the clothes i thought that too!!! I also love lolitas skirts but i dont know what result they will have upon me!! Haha i couldnt it was a fun week (maybe a little insane) but i decide to pick books i cannot find here or they are new and very expensive for my wallet for now!! Oh my lady of course i will make a post about them when i get them! We all here have a special love for books!! We dont buy them, we adopt them for life!!!!!! Yes i will also post, i also made some new edits i had in mind but never the time!!!

      Yes that was the sad part in this month. I read it and i was in a pure shock!! How people can do that? No respect anymore? I start to believe that they dont care for anything, living or dead!! Shame!!!

    2. Btw , following your advice i added a new photo to my newest post :P
      Thank you

    3. Oh that is great!!! You have to add more with your outfits!! Dont be shy we are all friends here ^^

  4. Awwww! You are looking so beautiful! And lots of love to your clothes!
    And oh, I must find that movie from somewhere, I totally want to see it!

    1. Awwwwww omg you make me blush really :$:$ Thank you so much!!!!!!!<3 Well, some people say it is boring or confusing but i loved it!! Just loved it!! When you see it tell me your opinion ^^

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