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Fit is not a destination it is a way of life.

Hello everyone. I am so sorry for my huge absence. I had some matters i had to deal with the past week. 
I am not gone write ( i didn't wrote anything on my blogspot i only made a post on my tumblr page ) about them since i don't want pity or attention. I mentioned it only to thank the people who were there for me. Mentally and physically, all the love i received and yet i have no idea if i deserve it. Be bless all of you. Hope karma will turn all that positive energy you gave me!  

Anyway, back to the post, this time i will make an very different post from the others and it is going to be a looong one. So embrace yourselves for some colour and some tips if you are whiling to change your life completely. Is my personal journey, for any questions if i can help plz comment!

Having 10 years in my history as dancer (classic ballet and modern dance) was one of the many blessings i had the opportunity to experience. The discipline in almost everything, was sometimes unbearable but i will not go back and trade this life, for all the gold in the world. I was working out, 5 days a week for 12 hours. Sweat was my best friend, as long as water and highly discipline food program. I never complained, it was a lifestyle i chose until i got seriously injured in both of my legs. This was one of the causes that made me stop. I was never the typical type of a ballerina, i had a strong body with a very feminine shape and for me i was perfect. I was working out so much and the feeling was pure perfection for my mind too!! I was leaving all my troubles away when i was entering the class. Just amazing!! That life teach me so much!

But the years came by,  i almost forgot this way of life.. i stopped my pretty much everyday exercise and i drifted away from the healthy program. When you are young you don't care about your health that much, you believe that the body you had build, will stay that way for ever. I had a great shape for some years after i stopped ballet but i was seeing my body changing. It was a wake up call. It's been one year now since i started my very personal program. I didn't want to write anything here, i am not a professional but from that post i want to help people in the same situation as mine. If you don't like something in your body change it. Gather some courage and strength and ...

I started very very slow ( the beginning is always very painful, is a detoxification, a closer to your past sinful life :P) cutting all the "bad sugar" from my life. I have now almost 2 months i stopped drinking soda drinks ( when i was having at least one glass a day! ). I am that person who loves sweet things, i adore sugar so it was a test for me. If i was doing ok away from sugar i would be ok in general. Cutting unnecessary things from your life is the first step! Not only the poisons people but the unhealthy food as well. Get rid of unnecessary and bad things you had in your life. But remember, having a relapse, eating for example a fast food meal one or two times in a month is ok. Dont make it a habit though.

I replaced sugar with stevia and now i receive very low levels of sugar in my body. I cannot drink coffee without sugar so having stevia as a replacement it was the best decision i made. I changed white bread to rye bread or brown ( that depends on what you like the most, i adore them both ) which is more better, rye bread for example has way more notable health benefits comparing to the white bread! I have a bottle of water next to me all the time so whenever i am getting bored or "hungry" i was drinking like a watercholic!!! 

Meditation is the key to a perfect balance. Sleep well, don't change your program often. I suffer from insomnia, ( i had in mind to make a post some days back but life interrupt my plans.. ) not that often as before and when that happens my sleeping schedule is pretty fucked up as most of the people with the same problem. Meditation helped me a lot with so many problems i was dealing with. Anxiety is one of them. I started having problems with my heart and my pressure, dizziness and massive headaches. You can increase all of that without taking unnecessary pills!! Nature is so wise!! Our body is a machine that needs protection from within to work right. 

I started to walk, not running, walk only cause my knees hurt like hell. I had a more colourful plate than before, vegetables always a part of my daily program. I wrote that again i was never a big fan of quantity, i wanted quality in my life, in every section. But my problem was that i had some sudden episodes of bulimia, i am not saying i have bulimia, just this feeling when you NEED to eat EVERYTHING around you. I was eating something sweet and then i was craving something salty.. I was feeling sick all the time...

Having a program in your life is scary at first, you will not feel comfortable and probably you will want to give up. But from my side, i was willing to stop the situation i had put myself into, consciously or not. I wanted to become the person i was before. I was seeing changes in my body and mind i felt terrified!! It was about time to start taking care of myself!! And trust me, if you want, you can do ANYTHING!! Just never give up, believe in yourself, stay strong! Everything at first is difficult, noone said that you will wake up one day and you will gone be healthy, skinny, rich or smart. Try, if you fall, stand up and try again. Dont create regrets!!!!! Figure out what you want and go for it!!

 We are all dealing with weight issues. Whoever says that they don't  they lie. Even if you are overweight and you want to be skinny or the opposite. Having images in your life with skinny girls and "perfection", the monster that people call society ready to judge you if you are not skinny and tall is the first and the most serious problem in every person's confidence. That will make even the most confident person start questioning about their image. Don't let anyone's opinion to get under your skin. Change what you don't like in you, for you! Being healthy is not necessary means that you will become skinny, means that you will built a healthy body, a calm mind and it will be the start for a perfect life. I dont aim to be skinny, i will never be skinny cause of my body type and you know, i love my body. I even more loved it when it was healthy, strong and ready to support my mind. 

So come with me in a tour around my new life. 
Moderation is best.


There is northing more beautiful and tasteful as fruits. 
You like sweet things to eat? Eat a glorious fruit salad!! You will fill your stomach ( trust me they can do miracles ) and the nutritional value of most of them is very high. Fruits are also low in calories which would help lower one's calorie intake as part of a weight-loss diet. Try to buy and eat them in time, store them in the fringe to keep their smell. 

During winter you don't have many options but still, apples, peaches, kiwifruit or pear which along with the green apple and oranges are my favourite. I adore strawberries which makes wonderful smoothes too!!  

You have to love them. Not many people like them. I learn from my mom, always to have a salad along with my food. That became a habit after a while. I like to eat my food with a big green shrub aside! :P First (tip) have a separate plate for your salad. Have the main food in an other. That will make your brain "see" more food! Second (tip) use a fresh lemon and if you dont have, lemon juice, a little spoon of oil (that depends on the amount of your salad) and no salt if you can. I put a little sometimes but i am trying to avoid it as much as i can!! 

A tip. If you make a salad and you really want to add salt, drink more water than usual (way more water than usual) Salt destroys the kidneys and fluid retention and you feel like a balloon! Not good. Water will clean your body. Make it your best friend!! You can also add lemon in your water. 

✓ This is your journey and it is about making your body healthier than it ever was before. so you need to stop comparing your body to others. It is perfectly fine to admire other's but remember everyone's body is different and this is about becoming the best you possible can. 

Make every meal you eat colourful. 
Take a long walk around your neighbour. 

Here some of my photos. 
I never thought that i will make a post so there are not many photos. I start taking photos from this autumn and during the winter to show to you people! I wanted after a while to post all of that to help in a way people and girls who want to follow this lifestyle. Cause is a lifestyle, is not something you will make for a week. I will not post a photoset "this is me before and after". Is not losing weight in a month and then gain it again after a while. Is losing weight healthy during a healthy long program, with exercise. Is building good health and a strong body and mind for the rest of your life. I love this life, i grew up with a very strict program but now i do it for myself. No one is telling me to do it. That's the difference. Is never to late for anyone to try! Try it for a while and if you dont see yourself in it, leave it. Nothing is easy at first, but you have to try and put faith in it for a while and then you will see how wonderful this will make you feel.

✓ Eat 3 good meals. 
✓ Never skip your breakfast. Even if you are late you have to eat breakfast or take it with you.
Drink water like your life depends on that. 
Dont think of the food all day. I still do that. Drink water or eat a fruit. 

 Most of the things i eat i made them on the steamer. You have so many options, rise, pork, chicken, potato, fish, broccoli, eggs, peas, carrots, are only a few i have in mind right now. 

You will see so many Greek products i eat, especially the Greek yogurt and the Greek white cheese (feta). I don't drink milk (only with corn flakes) and that is my only way to receive calcium. Οther than that, i love eggs in every shape :P I don't use butter any more and yet the taste is exactly the same! Making strapatsada, which is a Greek food, with eggs and feta, tomatoes and vegetables all in one mix are a great breakfast. And since i dont use butter or oil i prefer an non-stick pan which will make your life much easier!

I make only the amount of food i will eat. For example if i have work to do and i will be gone for hours from my home i will make a strong breakfast. I will take some almonds ( they will save you from turning red from the weird stomach - when is empty - noises :P ) with me and a bottle of water! I only drink cold water and i research on net that it is more cool for your system to receive cold water cause it burns the fat more easy! I don't know if that is true but i like to think is right :D You never know :P

If you feel foul don't make yourself eat all your food. Ok is not that great to throw food away so make only the amount of food you will eat. If there are left overs the next time you will know ( but from my side usually there no left overs :P ) 

This photo is so goth i had to edit it but since this is not a "goth post" i think is better that way :P 
( I am gone paint my room this week and i feel super weird with all my things in boxes, like moving out! That is why my baby skull is up there, judging my delicious food :P)

And now to the best part. I never made a smooth drink in my life. Is the most easy thing in the world and i don't know why i never tried it. Take fruits you like, yogurt and a mixer and enjoy this beauty. Is great for breakfast cause it gives you strength and fills your stomach for enough hours. No sugar, no water is necessary. If you want it cold just add ice or if you wanted more liquid add low fat milk. Is so adorable!! 

Exercise to be fit not "skinny"
Eat to nourish your body
and always Ignore the haters, doubters and unhealthy examples that were once feeding you. 
You are Worth more than you realise.

You don't have money to go to the gym? You are bored easily? Do it at your home. Make a research around the internet for a workout you want and do it. You want beautiful legs? Do a workout for your legs. Walk more often. You can run? Run! Is even more great and totally free! You stay on the computer much, do a mini work out with your stomach. I do that a lot. 

Being healthy and fit is so much more important than being skinny

I see so many girls saying, i want to be skinny, so i will not eat. No! Dont do that to yourself. Eating nothing will not make you skinny, it will turn you to a person with stomach problems. Eat healthy, exercise your body and mind and stop complaining. Devote yourself to that cause and follow it! It will reward you, trust me. This is tough love my dear cause i know it is hard but if you don't try to change what you don't like you will be miserable for the rest of your life. 

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