Πέμπτη, 18 Ιουλίου 2013

No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning.

Let me take you a small "trip" around my city...

The Loggoy Mansion -- (Μέγαρο Λόγγου) or else  The Red House 
- (Κόκκινο Σπίτι) was built and completed in 1928
 by a wealthy textiles merchant from Naoussa called John Loggos

But who doesn't love one good urban legend?! 
Especially when it's about a building in the city they live.

The company that built it, bankrupt shortly after it's completion (1931). 
The owner's industrial unit in Naoussa was destroyed by fire. 
Those events brought this mysterious veil upon the building. Some say that it is "occupied" 
by vampires. Some say it's haunted due to the many suicides that occurred inside. 
It's current owner, a eccentric old lady. Is not occupied nowadays and for about 30 years is empty. 
At least it is not occupied by human beings...

Is a protected as a “heritage building” in 2006 as it’s unique red bricks 
and ceramic detailing on the outside make it different from 
the rest of the preserved buildings in Thessaloniki. 

Some weeks back i found myself walking around the city,
after some things i had to do, exhausted from the heat, i slipped into one of my favourite book stores.
 A big basement book store with the proper temperature which gave me the benefit
to look around in peace. Of course without realizing it, i ended up with many books in my hands.
The saddest part? Trying to decide what to buy and what to leave behind.

I bought four books and here i will show you only the two 
( because i want to read them first!! ) The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 
novella was in my list for so long, a classic book, filled with horror, 
drama and the amount of fantasy we all love. 

To my surprise look people what i found. It is known that i have a special place to my heart
for vampires - before of course the whole sparkling thing - those fantastic creatures always
fascinated me and it would be a shame to leave this book back.
Count Dracula on screen by Dimitris Koliodimos. Black, red and white,
colours extremely suitable for the books theme. 

Having my ice tea, i browsed it's pages feeling so happy that i got it.
They are all in there, in 330 pages, the vampires we saw over the years in TV and loved,
the history, many pictures to admire, things i knew and so many new info. It has those
 little black bats on the pages, when you browse them, it seems they fly!!!

During May i watched this live-action Japanese television drama called 
Mei-chan no Shitsuji (メイちゃんの執事?, "Mei-chan's Butler") 
and i forgot to mention it here. Well, it is really weird as a show, 
because it came out of a manga series ( of course ) but i liked it. A lot. 

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  1. That Red House is gorgeous! It's always nice when they protect an old building so it can never be torn down.

    What a great book on vampires! That B&W drawing of Nosferatu has always been one of my favourites. I think one day I'd like to find one and frame it for my sewing room. :o)

    1. It is really. It upsets me when i see old gorgeous houses, abandoned, left to rot without anyone taking care of them and unfortunately we have plenty of them in my city :/ Aw and thank you! The particular picture is indeed a gorgeous result taken from the movie which i find extremely gorgeous, dark and atmospheric!!

  2. Hello dear sister,
    How are you, been long time didnt say hi :)
    I Love that movie!!! I cried in the last episode when Mei Chan prevents Lucia to kill herself. Actually I am big fan of Dorama :)

    Hope you're well


    1. Hello my beautiful girl <3 I am doing great thank you for asking and how are you? ( I keep checking your page now and then to see how are you ) Oh yes yes, what an episode. I think some people will say it is a stupid show but i truly enjoy it. Glad you liked it :D

  3. Hello,
    I really like your city, it is mostly a mix of old and new, and it seems quite special, I would really like to visit your country someday( just not in the summer >P ).
    Aww books, and that store your described sounds dreamy, looking forward to see the other too later.
    You do look stunning, your babe, how could you not.
    I really enjoy manga adaptations and I never saw none with humans so this interested me quite a lot, I will have a look and then I tell you something, if liked it or not, ty for the suggestion anyway, it is a wonderful way to spend this hot days,
    Btw, thank you very much for the support on my other post, it meant a lot, your the best.
    Have fun!*

    1. Hellooo my dear!! Awww thank you so much <3 :$ No no, summer is really not the time. You will end up with curly hair for eternity!! :P The book store is one of my favourite, has so many books that is truly painful to leave it. Not to mention that it has low prices and that makes it even more like.. home!! Yeah i know, anime always seem right but with actors is so weird. But who cares, watch it as a normal show, as i did!! It is really adorable, funny, and i do hope you enjoy it! Books , movies and series will always be there for us during those hideous summer days!!Aw, and no need to thank me. I know how you feel and i wish i would do more but i believe in you, you will figure this out *hugs*. It is a good option to go away to an other country because many people do that. Maybe at the end, is for the best :)

  4. Your city looks lovely! You have some beautiful architecture! Nice book purchases. I adore browsing in book stores. :)

    1. Hello my dear and thank you :D I am glad that my city preserved it's history and there are not only new buildings around. It is like entering into a whole new amazing world when you enter a bookstore :D

  5. You inspired me to read Poe's works :) I bought my first short stories collection book!

    1. That is a huge honour. Thank you ^^
      I am sooo glad you decided to buy his collection and i am waiting for your honest opinion about his writing skills :)

  6. So cool to join you for a trip in your city!
    And whoa, must love that red house! :O

    1. I am so happy you liked it!!! :D And yes, that is a gorgeous building indeed!! Thank you <33


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