Κυριακή, 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

I look so evil but it's like a DIY ad or a vote for president poster :P 

Your mind makes so many wonderful things but in action the results are disappointing? 
Oh yes I am like you. But that doesn't mean i will not try to improve myself. 
Because let's face it. You are going to love your babies more than the one's you are going 
to buy (sometimes overpriced!). older posts here and here

Those 2 DIY projects (ideas taken from online) are 5 months old. 
My room has changed since then. I found so many things to add and i was so lucky
buying them in very low prices!! And as I said in the previous post, more of them later ^^

Who can say no to those little beautiful creatures? 
If you cannot have a real bat flying around, 
then why not making some to decorate your room? 

First of all find a picture of the favourite bat shape you like or draw one. 
I found some here. Then you need the amount of Paper according to how many bats you want 
to make ( you can use whatever paper you want in whatever form that is up to you! ) 
then Scissors, A Black Marker ( Again you can use whatever colour you want ) 
and some Glue if you are going to make bat layers. 

And some white in a black background.

The more the better ^^

My lamp's "hat" is falling apart, but in some way is really helpful 
so I added some bats inside it. Ohh yes during the daytime is really... normal!! 
And boom...

...when the night comes, here comes also the fun part!!

I made those little ghosts during the hard summer days,
when my window was open all day. 
Whenever it was windy those ghosts made me feel like Halloween ^^ 

If you want to make some there are plenty ways online,
but here is my simple project. 

Ok, the ping pong balls are not that simple to find 
but you can find and add whatever round thing you own. 
White lace, white thread, napkins of your choice, 
cotton, black marker, imagination etc.

Two version how to hang them.

I love DIY so if you know or did anything please let me know. 
I would love to see more!!! 

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  1. Μόλις ολοκλήρωσα ένα από τα δικά μου post και είδα οτι είχες ανεβάσει κάτι και 'συ, ενθουσιασμόόόόός, χαχαχα!
    Τα φαντασματάκια, πω, πάω να βρω μπάλες του πινκ πονκ αύριο, απίστευτη η ιδέα σου.
    Παρεπιπτόντως, eyebrow-envy. Θέλω και'γω τέτοια φρύδια. :'( Και ζυγωματικά, και χείλη, και και και...!

    1. Ομορφιά μου, ειλικρινά κάνω κάτι asdfghjkl όταν λαμβάνω σχόλια σου!! Όχι επειδή με "στολίζεις" απο πάνω μέχρι κάτω με omg κοπλιμεντα, αλλά γιατί μαρέσει ο τρόπος που γράφεις. Χαχα τα όμορφα φρύδια, όμορφα βάφονται! Η αλήθεια είναι οτι μπορεί να με πάρουν και πιο πολύ ώρα απο το υπόλοιπο makeup αλλα είμαι μια περίφανη μάνα χαχα :Ρ Και να μην θέλεις τίποτα, έχεις ομορφιά όπως ακριβώς είσαι! Μην ακούω χαζα...

    2. Είσαι πανέμορφος άνθρωπος, γι'αυτό και παίρνεις τέτοια σχόλια. Και δεν εννοώ μόνο εμφανισιακά.
      Πολύ μελώ το έκανα! Ανυπομονώ για τα επόμενα -φθινοπωρινά πλέον- post.

    3. Χαχα τα όμορφα λόγια πάντα πιάνουν τόπο! Να σαι καλά το ίδιο ισχύει και για εσένα!!
      Φιλιά ^-^

  2. You have a lot of lovely artwork! I especially like the Maleficent drawing. And the lamp with the bats...genius idea!

    1. Thank you my dear <3 There are so many diy ideas around the net, makes me so happy that people still use their imagination :)

  3. Τη νυχτεριδοχαρτοκοπτική την έχω δοκιμάσει κι εγώ - μπας και ζηλέψουν οι αληθινές :-D

  4. Excellent idea with the bats on the inside of the lampshade! We have to do our own Halloween decorations right! But that only makes it more fun and less tacky. :)

    1. Thank you so glad you liked it ^-^ Yes we do! It has so much fun! We cannot cry over the decorations those lucky americans have in their country.

  5. I used to have my dorm room decorated in paper bats. I think I'll make some more for my apartment to stick on all the windows :D

    1. They do look adorable, do they? I think in wherever i live, those will be my number one idea for decoration. Cheap and beautiful ^^

  6. Ah, bats. What lovely creatures. I have bats on my walls, too! I love that lampshade idea!

  7. The lampshade is an amazing DIY idea :D I don't really have any particular fondness of bats, but I used to make bat-shaped "stickers" from window colours (that liquid stuff that dries and you can stick it on window) and put it on glass mugs or in the corners of mirrors:D

    1. So happy you like it :D You can put whatever shape things you enjoy! That sounds very interesting!! Maybe if i find the material to make some on my own, thank you my dear <3

  8. Yay! I finally managed to create an account on blogspot, so now I can comment in your beautiful blog :D I really enjoy these DIY ideas, I've already put them -well, at least one- in practice and I have made some bats to decorate my room. I'll be doing the little ghosts in a few days when I get all the materials I need ^^

    Thank you for sharing such gorgeous ideas!

    Greetings from Mexico!

    PD: BTW I´m silent-winter from Tumblr :)

    1. Heeeey again, i just saw the message on tumblr (already answered you there) and after that i saw you made an account here *yeeah welcome* <3 You are truly amazing, hope it wasn't a big trouble making one, still, i appreciate it a lot ^-^ I would be glad to see the result of your bats if you want of course :) My love to your beautiful country and hugs and kisses to you!

  9. omg ghost and bats love it! I three on on my tummy lol. I cut out bats at the back of two wardrobe items to cover up holes already in them. Maybe I shall do a DIY post about them as well to inspire others too!

    1. Thank you ^-^ You should definitely do one! And yes some diy projects are funny and practical covering things you dont like in your room/house :)

  10. Haha ta fantasmatakia einai teleia!!! <3
    Mias kai erxetai Halloween isws dokimasw kai egw :D

    1. Ευχαριστώ!! <3 Αξίζει να έχεις μερικά να "πετάνε" εδω και εκεί :Ρ


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