Σάββατο, 23 Νοεμβρίου 2013

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

23 November all ready?! 
Oh yes people 2014 is coming!! And apparently is coming very fast. 

Hello everyone :)

Full moon some days back. 
(photos taken from car with my very professional camera :P)

I dresse myself very casual the other day, 
i put some light make up and went for coffee 
and shopping..

I found this mirror for only 2€ and the most cute box with tissues! 
I also bought some plastic drawers to storage my make up.

I like to use many different products when it comes to make up or face-body care. 
These days i am using those Fissan baby products
Inexpensive drug store goodies are really good  for my sensitive skin. 
Baby cream with chamomile, 150ml (1+1) and the Baby soap (+ 30% cream)100 gr. 

I purchase from online sites some make up goodies. 

From asos.com (ok they have the most polite system ever) 
when they had the discount in Rimmel products:
1. Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder  
2. Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation 
and the rest from a shop in my neighbour:
3. Essence soft and natural long lasting make up (in the wrong for me shade!) 
4. Essence soft touch mouse make up 5. Essence forget it concealer

From beautyjoint.com i brought some USA products i cannot find in Greece:
1. Two Jordana long lip Liner Pencil
2. LA Girl Luscious Lip Pallete 
3. Wet'n'wild Coverall Cream Foundation
4. Elf Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer (Oil Free)
5. Elf Studio Make up Mist and Set
6. Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner - Shade Black (with little brush)
7. Elf Essential Lipstick - Shade Posh 
8. Elf Studio Powder Brush 
9. Elf Essential Eye Shadow Brush

1. Three Essence XXXL Shine Lipglosses
2. Inglot Eyeshadow Egoist 9
3. Mineral Cosmetics - Shiny Shadow No 9
4. Korres Lip Butter Wild Rose
5. Essence Smokey eyes brush 

And of course some books!! 
Those are in my collection for a while. 

The first one, an old edition of two stories i was dying to own. 
(I have read it online but it will never be the same as when you hold the book).
Inside there is a beautiful introduction about John William Polidori and Lord Byron, 
The Vampyre (1819) by John William Polidori, the Fragment of a Novel 
(unfinished 1819) by Lord Byron and Le Vampire by Charles Nodier. 
Original price was 9€ but i got it for 3€.

The second one La Mort. Essai sur la finitude (1994)
 is actually an essay about death by Françoise Dastur
Original price 7€ i got it for 2€.

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  1. Hellow beautiful!
    Hope all is ok with you, i've been reading your posts on a run, live as been busy.
    I've been wanting and debating purchasing some things from beauty joint for while now, how did you find their service?
    From essence i really want their new set for gel nails, seems amazing!
    Expecting some review on the elf products.

    You look lovely, even in casual outfits, although i must say, didn't you die of cold? ahah, here temperatures have been like 10 degrees. I love it tho! How's weather in greece?

    Best Regards,

    1. Heyy you <3 Thank you my lady, everything is going fine, hope the same for you!! Cannot wait for new post to read how is your life! I liked their service a lot! The packaging came after 8 or 9 days after i place my order and safe without broken items! (It was very well wrapped) They inform you with email. The only downside to my purchase was the shipping costs since are based on the weight of your packaging. So for all the products in the picture i paid extra 13 dollars for shipping. I also know cherry culture . com for usa make up products but never ordered from them to tell you about. I will test them all and write about them for sure!! ^-^ Haha no i wore a jacket above but still we dont have very hard winters in here (at least till some days back we had like 19 degrees during day) It depends, for example yesterday was raining and the day before we were in bikinis haha :P You know sometimes i wish i was living in Alaska :P

  2. Those look like quite good books! I hope you are well.

  3. That striped blouse suits you so well^^:)
    I saw that Rimmel sale on ASOS too, but I resisted the temptation (I am proud of myself:D) :D Is the ELF mist good? I have been looking for some good makeup setter for some time now, I have only a rose water as a finishing spray, about which I have read that it's good, but I can't tell as I didn't try anything else to compare it to :D I mean to buy the Korres Lip butter too, but I can't decide between Plum and Wild Rose, so I am always putting it off :///
    I have always wanted to read something by Polidori, as I find his life fascinating :) I don't know the second book, but the title sounds so good:D
    I look forward to your next posts! :)

    1. Heeey doll and thank you!! ^-^ Haha how did you do that? I mean sometimes no one can stop me - unless i dont have money in the card (that can be a huge handicap :P) I had in mind for so long to buy that foundation because i am still looking for a good and not 30 dollars product. I did not try them yet but i will make a review about those products. (Hmm rose water for setting spray? That is brilliant) I bought some Korres stuff the other day and when i saw those babies i had you in my mind (not in a weird way haha) and wonder if you got one. In my opinion, if you want more colour you will go with the wild rose. But no i cannot tell you, it was hard for me too. The Jasmine though is the best for me if you just want something with not much colour to moisturise deep your lips. Also whenever you find the chance, read his work, recommend him! And Lord Byron!

    2. Well, it was hard actually..the only thing that stopped me was that they didn't have the matte Kate lipstick in 107, I wanted this product the most (2days later I found another Rimmel lipstick I wanted in a local drugstore for 2€ -.- I am currently writing about it:D) :D I am looking forward to your reviews! :)
      Do the Korres lipbalms have any scent (or better said- does Plum smell like plums? etc:D) ? I would have bought it already, but I missed a chance at a good price on ebay, so I will probably buy it here in the mall :D
      I love Byron :)

    3. Oh that line has some amazing colours! You know one day if you like, to make a post about your lipsticks and what is the your top favourite. I would love to see your collection ^-^ For the ones i tried (Jasmine and Mango) i have to say that the first smelled more cacao butter and not much of jasmine and the mango had the mango fruit smell, now the wild rose i use has a light smell of roses but i adore the colour it leaves in my lips. I dont know any other because i never had the chance to buy them all yet. How much they cost over there?

    4. Ok, I can, but I actually don't have that much :D:D But I think it would be better to make it after Christmas :D:D:D Ohhh I love mango smell! (I am more and more certain that I will need them all:D:D)..I didn't looked for them on czech eshops much, but they are being sold in malls in some special shop with natural and medical products for 240czk/8,8€ for a lip butter and mandarin stick for 190czk/7€ - on ebay is mand. stick cheaper, but lip butter is more expensive :D

    5. Whenever you want, i like seeing other people's make up collection (mostly for taking ideas). Haha yes i will end up with all of them as well xD Hmm i see. They are expensive but they work really good as lip butters. Anyway, i always recomend products i used and liked to friends but i guess some things are a more subjective work.

  4. I´m glad to see you do keep capturing those beautiful moments in life :)
    And, oh, full moons during autumn time! They are something, aren´t they?
    Lots of love,


    1. Heey dear Violette, thank you so much i hope you are doing great in your new life ^-^ Cannot wait to read new posts of you! Hugs and kisses :)

  5. I also use baby products a lot. I have tendencys to get eczema and acne from other products.

    1. Me too!! :/ Lately i got acne from some products i used. I never had a problem and now is puberty all over :P So i went back on using more natural products or for sensitive skin and i hope my face will look better in future :)

  6. So, so pretty; I love your casual outfit... the shirt is very Beetlejuice-chic. ;)

  7. Pretty you! When I see you smile like that I want to give you a hug! <3

  8. You so so pretty! Like can I steal your looks :D haha. I love your outfit! I love going on your blog cause I get instant inspiration :) And that mirror was so so cheap and so beautiful!

    1. Ηello you ^-^ Haha with your beautiful looks you dont need mine!! Aww and thank you, honoured to read so amazing things! You are so kind!! <3


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