Δευτέρα, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2014

When you're happy you find pure joy in your life. There are no regrets in this state of happiness - and that's a goal worth striving for in all areas of your life.

Hello everyone. 
How was your week and weekend? 
I promised on my previous post that i would write about something 
that happened to me during January. 
The big news is that i started ballet again *yeah*. I'm really so happy about this!!!

And i'm saying big news because for me ballet was not just a hobby, it was an escape. 
It took me almost 7 years to start it again (exams/ university/ injuries) 
but i think the time couldn't be more perfect
Over the past year, i managed to lose all the extra weight my body couldn't handle 
and that gave me an extra go for it.
Well, it was about time to leave that "regret" behind me!

I grabbed some of the money i was saving from my past jobs during my university days, 
digged up my ballet clothes, dusted my old and new pointes 
(ballet shoes) and wished me good luck :P I thought it would be hard for me at first, 
considering my lack - on this type - of exercise and my injured knees, 
but *feeling proud* i fancy myself with those beautiful shoes. 
And now, it's already been a month (and some days) and i still cannot believe it. :D

So one day i put some make up because normaly 
i dont wear anything, to capture some pictures. Unfortunately i wasn't allowed to do it, 
so here, only me with nothing special except my new scarf.

I try to live my life where I end up at a point where I have no regrets. 
So I try to choose the road that I have the most passion on because 
then you can never really blame yourself for making the wrong choices. You can always say you're following your passion. -- Darren Aronofsky

In other news, i had a full week in general. 
I donate (my precious with super and glowing powers!) blood and i found myself around friends, 
for coffee and chat. Movies and series, books, ballet, shopping, and waiting 
for my online things to come! 
I bought this scarf for only 1€ and this book for 5€.

The Pianist is a memoir of the Polish composer of Jewish origin Władysław Szpilman, written and elaborated by the Polish author Jerzy Waldorff, who met Szpilman in 1938 in Krynica and became a friend of his. The book is written in the first person, as Szpilman's memoir. In 2002, Roman Polanski directed a screen version, also called The Pianist, but Szpilman died before the film was completed.

Until next time, take care everyone and have a lovely week. 

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  1. Where did your fringe go? :D
    Wow, I'd never guessed you took ballet lessons some time ago and returned to it. I always thought ballerinas are super-thin, anorectic girls with bones sticking out, while you look healthy. I never took any dance lessons, dancing never interested me anyway, but for some time my heart is leaning more and more towards tribal fusion dance, I'd like to try it someday. Ballet is just 'noo' for me, it looks so exhausting and strict, but if you love it and it makes you happy, then good for you :D
    And what makes me happy is the fact I could read the title from the book and understand it before looking at your description :D I'm not learning Greek (yet, I hope), but I'm trying to get used at least to the letters and to the phonetics on my own.
    Take care! Good luck with ballet!

    1. Hello you <3 Thank you for your words, hope you are well!
      It bothers me during the lessons so i put it up!! It is really hard since it's short, there are hair pins everywhere :P Yes, i was a ballerina for about 10 years and i stopped it because i was giving exams for university (one reason). But life works in mysterious ways!! ^-^ I was never the skinny type of girl but i was healthy with a athletic body. There were some body changes in all the years i was away from ballet but at the beginning of 2013 i began my journey into the healthy lifestyle. It saved me and i was thinking to start ballet again. Haha yes it's very strict but is something i grow up with so it doesn't bother me at all. I learnt so much through ballet, discipline, patience, restraint.
      I took some free tribal fusion lessons some years back because one of my friend was teaching this gorgeous art and i have to say go for it. Is amazing what your body can do!! I believe it suits you!!! :):) Oh gosh, this post had two things in Greek, the sigh from the ballet room and the book. I can understand your enthusiasm completely. It is very admirable what you do! Learning languages is never easy but i truly hope one day to be able to speak and read and write Greek :D :D Good luck with whatever you decide doing my dear! *hugs*

  2. Oh that is lovely. I have always admired ballet dancers for what their ability to stand on the toes for hours. You must have very strong feet right?
    I'm happy that you are doing this for your own sake :)

    1. Thank you!! I'm soooo happy thank you <3 Yes i did :$ My feet was able to stand in those shoes and sometimes without them. But that came as a result because of the hard work. I need some months of training to find my previous fit but everything in it's own time :D

  3. Τέλεια νέα, Μάγδα! Αν είχα χρήματα ίσως και να το σκεφτόμουν να ξαναρχίσω χορό αν και στην παρούσα φάση θα προτιμούσα μαθήματας μουσικής (από απωθημένα, άλλο τίποτα). Μου έφτιαξες τη μέρα!

    Παρεμπιπτόντως, έχω το ίδιο φουλάρι σε πορτοκαλί :-)

    1. Σ'ευχαριστω πολύυ!! Πολύ χαίρομαι :D:D
      Ξέρεις κάτι, και γω ανέβαλα τόσο καιρό με την σχολή να ξαναρχίσω χορό και μετάνιωσα κυριολεκτικά τα χρόνια που πήγαν χαμένα. Στεναχωριόμουν που τα παρατησα έτσι αλλά ο επιμένων κάτι καταφέρνει στο τέλος. Θέλω να πω λοιπόν αν βρείς τρόπο να πληρώσεις μαθήματα μουσικής, μην το σκεφτεις δευτερη φορα, απλά κάντο!! Μια ζώη την έχουμε, και αξίζει να διαγράφουμε τα απωθημένα που μας τυρανάνε/. <3

  4. Ohhh, ballet is so fancy!!! It's really fascinating looking at people dancing with such grace and elegance^^ I like looking at dancing people but I myself am too shy and clumsy :D
    I was thinking about watching The Pianist for many times, but I somehow cannot force myself, solely because how desperate and sad Adrien Brody looks there and I feel bad for him :D I don't mind bad ends, but this movie is probably depressing for the whole time :D

    1. Everyone has rhythm inside them, even if they work in the Bolshoi either they dance in their home alone. Trust me, dancing is liberating and do not feel clumsy at all! :) Me too! I was avoiding for a reason this movie all these years - in hopes to read the book first. It must be depressing indeed. The whole story is depressing, transferring it to a movie... release the tears and the emotions!!! :P

  5. That's wonderful you have gone back to doing something you so obviously love! :o)

  6. Congratulations on beginning ballet again! It always feels so wonderful to pick up something one treasures so much. I wish you luck! You look beautiful as always!

    1. Thank you for your wish and words <3 I lost so many years not being able to go back but as i wrote, there is always a good time for everything. Why to create more and more regrets :/ Life is tooooooo short, he have to create our own happy moments and i am so glad i manage to be able to dance again :')


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