Τρίτη, 8 Ιουλίου 2014

It was good to walk into a library again; it smelled like home.

Hello everyone 
It's hot out there which makes my place my ultimate cave. 
I enjoy my summer days home when i have 
the luxury not to go out during the day but at the same time, 
i enjoy the outside world when the sun is gone. 
Balance my dear people, the best thing you can do in your life 
is to maintain a healthy balance! ^-^

For me, staying inside, reading books and manga online, 
watching documentaries, series, movies and anime 
is simply the best way to spend these days. 
And when i go out, i always use light make up and clothes.

New things came to occupy my shelves. 
I'm thinking on putting some more handmade shelves (like the little black ones i made) 
since many of my books rest themselves on my floor (and that is just cruel.) 
I am not complaining of course, for not having a huge room, that would be ungrateful of me. 
Ι consider this lack of space a good excuse to make my mind more creative. 
At the end of the day i am grateful for all the things i can enjoy.

Here comes, some things i brought back home. From my trip to Scotland.

North and South by English writer Elizabeth Gaskell and Complete Ghost Stories
by English writer Charles Dickens. I find it very appropriate to buy those two from there. 

And last but not least, the Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Shortly after i got back from Scotland, i found and bought in a pretty great price, 
the second book to the series The Da Vinci Code but more on that later. 
Now, the best of all, is how the Angels and Demons book came to my possession. 
Let me take you some time back. 

I was one day in Glasgow, went out to a beautiful place to have some coffee. 
The particular place had two floors and the second one was a small lovely attic - library!!! 
I gave my order and went up to look around. 
I wasn't familiar with most of the books, but still it was really nice to be around them.

The book i am talking about, was love at first side. 
It was the first book i saw (& determined to buy it). 
Of course i wasn't sure if they were selling them, so i decide to ask. 
He looked at me and said "you can take it!". The most hilarious dialogue came after. 
Me starring him surprised, while i was asking if he was sure about it. 
Well, he was and i came back home with a gorgeous gift. The book itself was amazing. 
Well written, smart dialogues, great plot and protagonists, history 
and fiction very well combined. 
Recommend!! ^-^

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  1. Την τίμησες την πίπιζα, βλέπω, φέτος :-D
    Πέρα από την πλάκα, ζηλεύω¨-/

    Το καλοκαίρι δεν μου πάει καθόλου - δεν αντέχω ούτε τη ζέστη, ούτε τους πορτοκαλί ανθρώπους γύρω μου (κάποιος να τους πει ότι το τεχνητό μαύρισμα είναι εξίσου επικίνδυνο με το ηλιοκάψιμο).

    1. Ότι έβρισκα αγγλικό το έπαιρνα, σε σημείο που ψιλοενύσχισα την οικονομια τους εκει απάνω - όχι οτι έχουν και ιδιαίτερο θέμα. Χαχαχα ασε.. Πόσες φορές τα έχω πεί και πόσες φορές με λένε ξενέρωτη. Υπερ υγιεινό να καρβουνιάζουν τα δέρματά τους κάτω απο αυτό τον πολύ φιλικό - πλέον - ήλιο και να τριγυρνάνε σαν ζουμερά λουκάνικα. Μετά εμείς είμαστε οι περίεργες.. Να μου λένε μα όλοι θέλουν ήλιο και να τους λέω δεν φωτοσυνθέτω παιδιά, όσο ήλιο χρειάζομαι θα τον πάρω.. τον χειμώνα :Ρ Δεν νιώθουν, ούτε για τα σωλάριουμ - που επάνω Σκωτία κάνουν τρελές δουλειές, ούτε για τον ήλιο εδώ. Καλά να πάθουν...

  2. I totally feel you! It is impossible to me leave home before sundown these days. Obviously, 30 degrees are not designed to welcome dark ladies :/
    I hope you are having a great Summer, notwithstanding.

    1. Hello my dear. Well i agree, nοt at all. But we managed to go through so many summer seasons. We deserve a medal :D Wish a wonderful summer yourself!

  3. You have such gorgeous items! And, well, I know I always say it, but you look lovely. And, of course, you know that I could go on about your great book collection, but it's not like I haven't done that before. :P I got some free books from a local library, and it is one that I do not usually go to... They sell books all the time-- and they would likely give me them free-- so I must go there often! What a wonderful opportunity that had been right there all this time and I had known not about...

    1. Is really amazing to read such beautiful and positive words, thank you so much ^-^ Haha you know me, i cannot say no to a lovely conversation centred around books, as well as to share here my new findings. I will never get bored and i am just glad you like them :) Gosh that is truly amazing, a great opportunity indeed to grow your personal collection even more!!

  4. Anapunk778 Ιουλίου 2014 - 3:36 μ.μ.
    oh my god.. you are very beautiful.

    I'm sorry, i delete your comment by accident. And it was very very sweet *blushing* thank you!


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