Τρίτη, 12 Αυγούστου 2014

Let us give Nature a chance; she knows her business better than we do.

Hello everyone!! 
Many reasons kept me away from bloging and all of them were good. 
My planed summer holidays are over. Many beautiful memories made their own little drawer 
inside my mind but before i close it to create some new ones, 
let me show you my adventures. 

Abbey Ikosifinissa or the Monastery Eikosifoinissa (Μονή Εικοσιφοινίσσης)

The foundation of the monastery dates back to 451 AD.
For several centuries, the history of the Abbey Eikosifoinissa is unknown.
Archaeological evidence leads to the conclusion that
during the 11th century was built again. 

During the Ottoman period, the contribution of the monastery in maintaining Orthodoxy 
and Hellenism was invaluable, even if the monastery was destroyed several times by Turks 
and Bulgarians Raiders. On 25 August 1507 , the Turks massacred 172 monks of the monastery,
because they were bothered by their action in favour of the preservation 
of the Greek population of the region. 

The monastery was seriously damaged by an earthquake in 1829, 
was burned in 1854 and the 1864 plague epidemic decimated the brotherhood of. 
Today the monastery is female and has 25 female monks.

This cat looked through my camera and into my soul!! :D

This is actually my vision when i spot a cat... :P

Cave of Alistrati
(you can see here their official page for more information in english)

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the cave, so i found some pictures online. 
Herehere and here. Two times weren't enough to visit this gorgeous miracle of nature :)

The entrance before and after our tour. 
At the time outside the temperature was 35 °C and inside the cave 18 °C. 
The shock was huge but the experience was breathtaking.

 My beautiful people, tell me about your summer vacations. 
And until the next post (at least other 2 posts from my little summer adventures are coming..) 

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  1. Wow, what gorgeous photographs! That monastery looks amazing, and thank you for the history.~ And those caves... Simply wonderful, in the full sense of the word. You're so beautiful. I'm glad you had a good time. <3

    1. Awww thank you!!! I visit this monastery every year - and every year you will see it here around this time - there is so much history about it but most of it in Greek :/ I will make some translations :) Glad you enjoy my post my dear :*

  2. Just how beautiful this monastery is?! I love how you show photos of places I've never heard about. I find ths picture with candles especially beautiful, it just shows how much more spiritual is orthodoxy in comparison with catholicism...
    The cave looks magnificent, too. I've been to a cave once and they sure make an unforgettable experience. But the souvenir glass with bat simply won my heart, so cute :D

    1. So very happy that you appreciated my post, i love sharing places from my country and you know best! That's the beauty of blogging!! Well, you see, it was the first time there weren't many people there to ruin the photographs. I go every year and it's not easy to snap pictures with all that faces walking around like they are in a flea market.. At the time it had that gorgeous serenity, perfect to capture some pictures. And yes orthodox keeps that spirituality in many ceremonies.. Haha that souvenir with that little bat - which is Alistratis cave symbol - got my eye from the moment i saw it! It would be cruel not to take it home with me!! :P Thank you <3

  3. Όμορφη η Αλιστράτη, όμορφη κι εσύ - να το κάνουμε σουξέ.
    Τη μία και μοναδική φορά που είχα την έμπνευση να μπω (με όρεξη και κέφι, ομολογουμένως) σε σπήλαιο, με βγάλανε σηκωτή - κρίση πανικού να το πω, υστερία να το πω... θα σε γελάσω. Από τότε, μόνο απ'έξω - και σε φωτογραφίες, καλή ώρα.
    Το νυχτεριδοπότηρο γύρισε μαζί σου, ή παρέμεινε στας εξοχάς;
    Με μισό μάτι σε κοιτάει το (πρώτο) γατί :-D

    1. ..να πουλήσουμε κανένα σι-ντι?!
      Κλειστοφοβική εε? Σε νιώθω. Είχα πάει στο σπήλαιο της Καστοριάς και βγήκα τρέχοντας. Αυτό όμως είναι άλλο πράγμα. Ψηλό, μεγάλο και ευρύχωρο.. εντυπωσιακό. Κάνεις λίγο υπομονή, ιδρώνεις στα κρυά αλλά το βλέπεις. Εγω π.χ έχω θέματα με τους μικρούς χώρους και όχι απαραίτητα με τους κλειστούς (δεν ξέρω πως λέγεται η "ασθένεια" μου :P) Γύρισε αμε και διακοσμεί το πολύ goth decor μου!! Γίνετε να είχε διαφανές κίτρινα μάτια? Ρε συ ήταν το κάτι άλλο, νιαούριζε καθώς περνούσα και με τρέλανε χαχα την/τον αγαπώ!!

  4. Ti omorfo meros!!! Agapw tis fwtografies sou, eidika ekeines me tis gatouleeeeees! <3
    Ekeino to potiri einai teleiooooo!!! Have fun se o,ti kaneis! ^^

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ!! Παράπονο δεν έχω είδα πολλές γατούλες τις μέρες εκείνες :D Νά σαι καλα κούκλα μου <3

  5. Heehee, you remind me of Kat von D in the first pic!
    And oh my gosh, the decoration and detail inside that monastery! ÖwO

  6. Oh the environments are breathtaking. I love the view of the mountains in your part of the world and the caves looks fantastic. The monastery is beautiful! Our vacation time in Sweden is over. July is when all Swedes have their holidays, it's the hottest month in the north. Now we have only rain and floodings.


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