Σάββατο, 11 Μαΐου 2013

Gonna live while I'm alive, I will sleep when I'm dead

I always have so many things to do, i wonder what if we had more than 24 hours per day and how we will spend them.. Sometimes i crave a long sleep and sometimes i crave to be up all day/night. The past week was the second. It's easy for me, not to be able to sleep many hours for like a week and then one day my body plays the sleeping beauty with my bed. ( the above picture is a reminder that summer will pass soon, hopefully! :P )

Let's start with my adventures during this week. 

Currently i'm reading this baby. Nicholas Nicastro the writer and it's name Antigone's Wake [ for more by him here ].  I bought this for 5 euros and till now seems a great book [ synopsis ].

Shirt from Restyle bought it like a year ago and my hand made necklace with the picture of the Completely stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. And since i manage to go out more times this week, i discovered some clothes i had forgot in the depths of my closet :P

The weather more than great gave me the chance to make a wonderful walk around my town. Rain took us by surprise and i didn't had the opportunity to take more pictures. We spend a gorgeous night by the sea with friends, acoustic guitars and drinks. I had a lovely week that is for sure :)

And now my indoor activities, aside the book, i abused my torrent. Movies, series, anime and some documentaries, they can be your best friend if you don't have the mood (or the money) to go out.

The Crimson Petal and the White 
A gorgeous tv series by BBC ( oh yes of course by them, it is a novel first and more back in time inspired by a poem! ) with Romola Garai (♥), Chris O'Dowd, Gillian Anderson (♥) etc. The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber is a 2002 novel set in Victorian-era England. Added to my long wish list. 

And of course the title is from a 1847 poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson entitled "Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal", the opening line of which is "Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white". [ Click here to read this magnificent poem ].

Don't mistake it with the 1986 Labyrinth with David Bowie ( but if you never watched it, you have to! ), its an other mini series as the above. A a historical show based on the 2005 novel of the same name by Kate Mosse. The series' setting jumps between modern and medieval France and follows two women's search for the Holy Grail. 

Among all the past series i have add some new ones. Yes i am addicted when it comes to good productions. Mads Mikkelsen a charismatic actor ( with his accent ♥ and gorgeous face structure ) who i had the pleasure to see in some previous movies, surely can make you willingly his next... But you have to see it. No spoilers here. ( No i will not compare him to the one Anthony Hopkins, who holds a specific place in my heart)

The Following
I dont think that i ever mentioned here this new series. If you love E.A.Poe you have to watch it. If you like crime, drama and mystery you have to start it. A brilliant and charismatic, yet psychotic serial killer communicates with other active serial killers and activates a cult of believers following his every command.

Ripper Street
A new series, filled with mystery and crime waiting for you to see, set in the East End of London in 1889 during the aftermath of Jack The Ripper murders.

En kongelig affære / A Royal Affair 
And now plz let me introduce you to an other period movie ( Danish ) that i ADORED. History and romance, tragedy and drama with period costumes, manner, music, buildings  decorations.. all those ingredients can make me fall in love. My congrats it was a great production and a great story. 

Queen Caroline Mathilda: You recognized me.
Johann Friedrich Struensee: I would recognize you blind folded.

An american historical drama i found pretty long but Daniel Day-Lewis made it a gorgeous movie with his magnificent skills!!

Vikings and Da Vinci's Demons are waiting and of course millions books. 
So people, until the next big post, wish you a lovely weekend/week and

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  1. Ό,τι και να πούμε για τον Mads, θα είναι λίγο. Τα πρώτα 2-3 επεισόδια του Hannibal ήταν λίγο χαοτικά αλλά τον βρήκε τον ρυθμό του - αγαπημένη σκηνή η τελευταία του 6ου επεισοδίου. Το Following δεν το αντέχω. Ο πιλότος ήταν πολύ καλός αλλά μετά αρχίσανε οι επαναλήψεις και οι αστειότητες - κι αυτό το τρίο της χαράς, βρε παιδί μου, δεν αντέχεται με τίποτα - ΕΙΔΙΚΑ η κοπέλα. Το σταμάτησα στο 7ο επεισόδιο (θα τα δω όλα μαζί στο τέλος). Το σουξέ του BBC θα το ψάξω, φαίνεται ενδιαφέρον. Ρίξε μια ματιά στο Ripper Street http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnhV5K9F39g

    1. Συμφωνω!!! Αρκει να μην την χαλασουν περιμενω πολλα απο την σειρα! Το following μαρεσει γιατι κανει αναφορες στον E.A.Poe κατα τα αλλα ειναι μια καλη αστυνομικη σειρα που ναι μεν 8ελεις να ΣΚΟΤΩΣΕΙΣ την γυναικα του αλλα εχει μια δοση παρανοιας που λατρευω! Δες τα ολα μαζι οταν τελειωσει, μπορει και να σου αρεσει! To BBC παντα δινει ρεστα, σε οτι κανει εμενα με αφηνει αφωνη! Ναααα και λεω ποια σειρα ξεχασα, την παρακολουθω απο το πρωτο επεισοδιο οποτε ας να κανω μια επεξεργασια το ποστ :Ρ Αλλες σειρες? Μιας και ειμαι φαν!

    2. Από νέες σειρές παρακολουθώ φανατικά το Person of Interest (μόλις ολοκληρώθηκε η δεύτερη σεζόν). Ακόμη κι αν δεν σου αρέσει ο συνδυασμός δράση – μυστήριο – πιστολίδι - αστυνομικοί παντού, αξίζει να το δεις για τη χημεία των πρωταγωνιστών (ή μόνο για τον πολυαγαπημένο μου - από την εποχή του LOST - Michael Emerson). Από BBC, Doctor Who (και ξερό ψωμί) και Downton Abbey. Από παλιότερες, προτείνω το Awake (κόπηκε στην πρώτη σεζόν) και το Office (τελειώνει κι αυτό, που να πάρει). Το τελευταίο, ή θα το λατρέψεις, ή θα το σιχαθείς :-p To Perception επίσης θα μπορούσε να έχει ενδιαφέρον (πολύ καλός ο Eric McCormack) αλλά οι συγγραφείς μάλλον έχουν ήδη βαρεθεί.

    3. Ειναι ενα σωρο οι αστυνομιες σειρες τελικα!!:Ο δεν με χαλανε καθολου αλλα δεν θελω και πολυ σοβαροτητα, γι'αυτο βλεπω και Castle, NCIS και λοιπα που σπανε λιγο! Το awake ακουστα αλλα γιατι να κοβεις μια σειρα? ολοκληρωσε την τουλαχιστον!!! υπαρχουν πολλες , ευχαριστω πολυυ για τις ιδεες θα τις τσεκαρω!!

  2. That necklace is gorgeous!

    Summer has vanished again in England, we've had thunder and rain for the past week! Fortunately our summer only seems to last a week.

    I really enjoyed Labyrinth, but it was very different to the book in places. I'm actually planning to go and visit Carcassonne for my 21st birthday next year!

    1. Thank youu <3 Yes, the same here! Hope it lasts, summer will be here soon and i find ways to avoid it ^^ Really? That would be a wonderful trip indeed!! Any other idea for series or movies is welcome :)

  3. That necklace is awesome! Such a sweet little thing! Wouldn't it be amazing if it were an actual little book holding even just one of his stories! You could read it whenever you wanted, wherever you wanted!

    Me and my other half watched The Following and loved every single bit of it! The story line and how they tied the works of Poe into it was just fascinating, and of course any Poe fan could kind of guess some of what was going to happen by all the clues that were left by Joe Carroll! I'm really looking forward to the next season!

    I've been looking forward to watching Hannibal for a while! We've set the series link to record on our Sky box so we won't miss an episode! I have very high hopes for it!

    I had seen something about this new Labyrinth series a while ago and I did assume at first that it was some kind of spin off from the film but now I know it's not! I enjoy tv shows that split between the past and the present, it makes the history lover in me very happy!

    The TV show I'm stupidly excited for right now is season 6 of True Blood which will be starting next month! I've just recently re-watched seasons 1-5 to refresh my memory! ♥

    1. That it could be lovely idea, but it would be so small and i have a problem with my eyes already!! And since they decide to make a Poe related series it would be a same not to watch it :P I was very proud whenever they mentioned one of his work, or his name, i was fangirgling all over!! Cannot wait for all the next seasons!! :) Hmmm it wasn't confusing at all! I thought it would be with all the going back and forth but is a series i recommend, yes, for all the historian fans :D Ooohh my True Blood i really cannot wait!! It's been a while!!

  4. I loved The Crimson Petal and the White - I didn't want it to end! I also enjoyed The Following this season. I haven't seen Lincoln, but I can imagine how good Daniel Day-Lewis was!

    1. My thoughts exactly!! Only two episodes, big, but not enough for our soul!! Lincoln was a big movie but mister Daniel Day-Lewis was more than amazing!! Only for him you have to see it! ^^

  5. To Magda.
    Check out a debut horror novel called: THE LIFT by PAUL BRUCE.
    On the front cover of the book it says: THE MOST FRIGHTENING HORROR NOVEL EVER WRITTEN. The book also has an animal rights theme in it.The book is available on hardback book from: AMAZON, WATERSTONES ETC... and also on AMAZON KINDLE E-BOOK.

  6. Hellow beautiful,
    Hope you are ok, so many gorgeous things to read about here while I was gone.
    I love that necklace and it's totally your thing, I find myself thinking that about everything that I see with the amazing Edgar Allan Poe : " Magda would like this" , ahah , almost like I knew you, it's strange , but still nice, I think is how we see you much people imprint their mark on you.
    So many good suggestions I never eared of, I have to check them soon I hope.
    Btw like always you look gorgeous on the pictures, and I must say, it's no the first time I see your town in photos, and it looks breathtaking.


    1. Hello darling!! <3
      Thank you soooo much for all those words!!! *hugs* I'm doing great thank you <3 Hope the same for you!! You been missed, glad for your post the other day with all those wonderful books :D Omg, that was so sweet of you!!! D: I always connect with people i talk things and when i see them i react exactly like you, but i never thought someone do this for me!!!:$ Much flattered!! We are here to share interests and develop our minds, whenever you check them let me know your opinion ^^

      kisses ^^

  7. Hi there! It´s been a long time :)

    Thank you very much for sharing all these wonderful films and tv series. Half of them are totally new to me, so I think I´ll be spending a good time watching them as soon as I finish my university exams ♥

    In between, I hope you had a good time since the last time we spoke.
    Have fun, darling!

    1. Heeey my dear, yes it's been a while! Life happened as always!!

      Hope you are having a lovely time! <3 Aww that is so nice of you, glad to "help" in any way! I am great, thank you so much, i wish you all the luck with the exams my dear!!! Hope for the best result! *hugs*

  8. Agapw to kolie <3 Prospathisa k egw na dw to Hannibal alla den m arese toso poli, mostly giati epikentrwnetai pio poli ston astinomiko para ston Hannibal :/ Sta epomena episodia ginetai kalitero?

    1. Σ'ευχαριστω!! Χμμμ μεχρι και σημερα εχουν βγει 8 επεισοδια, εγω την λατρευω γιατι απο αρχη εχει ενα μυστηριο γυρω απο τον Hannibal που ολου ξερουμε και αγαπαμε, οποτε καλα το πανε! Γιατι ειναι σειρα και πρεπει να το τραβηξουν! Αστην να τελειωσει και δες την τοτε μπορει να σε αρεσει ^^

  9. So glad I found your blog. So much to love here. I adore Tennyson and E A Poe and will definitely look out for these shows xxx

    1. Heeeey welcome dear, i am checking your wonderful blog! Glad you followed me and thank you for your lovely comment!!! Hope you like it here really! More than welcome :D

  10. Great tips! I hope you havent missed "The Tudors" or "The Borgias". Really liked them both, im a big fan of 15th & 16th century though..

    Also - nice blog!

    1. Hello there & thank you so much!!! <3
      I have download The Tudors for quite some time now and thank you for reminding me to see it. The Borgias in on my list too! There are so many series i watch already that i keep forgetting how many i want to start :P


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