Πέμπτη, 12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

Hello followers, old and new!!
Some days back i took myself and an other soul with me 
to wander our bodies around the city. 
I had the most hilarious evening 
( not easy to capture a serious face after all the laughing ).

Thessaloniki - Valaoritou [source]

We found ourselves wandering around the streets, starring the old buildings.
Me as usual taking pictures like i seeing them for the first time.
You can find the new houses perfectly combined with the old one's.
Standing there, next to each other gives you the feeling that they are talking about the past. 

No, we don't have those Gothic cathedrals i love, neither the Gothic 
or the Victorian architecture i admire in old houses but we do have plenty old mansions. 
Some of them well preserved, some of them sadly abandoned.

For example this one. A huge house, 
belonged to a wealthy man who was selling spices during the 1906 
( written in the sigh ). As far as i know, the building is abandoned, 
at least from people with flesh and bones.

It is one of the many buildings that you can stare in awe. 
The architecture, the least i can say, is breathtaking 
( wish i had a proper camera to capture the amazing details ) .

( Click to enlarge )

And this is the building next to it, unfortunately with no sign or a name. 

After our little walk, we had some time relaxing our feet,
watching the sea from the city's port.

And since i am talking about my city
here is one of the many Greek products i am proud of. 
Korres is for many years one of my favourite brand for natural products.
Make up, cosmetics, skin care, hair, pharmacy
herbals anything that comes in your mind. 

Yes they do have some very expensive products but their quality is guaranteed.
All natural products.

They offer huge discounts in their products, discount packages etc. 

So for the summer i used the specific 
It is for sensitive / fair complexions, with SPF50 
and it comes into a 50mL beautiful package. Loved it!!

I got the 1+1 package for only 10 euros. 

And because the pharmacist  in my neighbour is awesome, 
he gave me for free those sunscreen creams with SPF50 to try them. 
Except from the Vichy that i bought for only 5 euros. 
He knows how addicted i can be when it comes to high protective sunscreens. 

Till the next time everyone take care :)

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  1. Oh, wouldn't you love to be able to take a peek inside some of those beautiful old buildings? I know I would! :D

    1. Gosh yes, it would be fun to look inside. I checked their entrances but they had some locks on their doors. :/

  2. What amazing pictures you took, Lisboa , my capital is pretty much like that, a mix of new buildings with a lot of old ones, most of them abandoned, luckily this last few years, some of them are being renovated to look new although with the same structure.
    Nice to see you enjoying this last days of summer near water, you look amused no doubt!
    I wish we could know the stories of the people who lived there though, i am very curious about this kind of places.
    I am very curious about that vichy protector, ive been seeing it all summer in promotion, let me know if you liked it.


    1. Thank you so much!! That is good to hear, preserve an old building a city actually preserves history and that is honourable! Sadly my city has so many abandoned buildings. Yes, i always ask about the stories, grandparents mostly are experts on that field and books of course in public libraries!! Treasures!! My mother recommended me that brand, she uses their products from her teen years. The specific sunscreen , talkiing about my type of skin, is good, i believe it protects you from the sun and the brown spots ( we will see that in the future ) . The only con is that you end up with a white face like you put yoghurt. It would be justified the whiteness because of the spf50 but i liked way more the Korres sunscreen.

  3. Sad indeed. Όσα γλύτωσαν τη μπουλντόζα, ρημάζουν.

    1. Αυτο ειναι το "καλο" με τους νεοελληνες. Εχουμε τοση ιστορια και την αφηνουμε να σαπιζει..

  4. Kapote prepei na agorasw ena tetoio spiti kai na to ftia3w <3 (ok epistrefontas stn pragmatikotita) Psaxnw edw kai aiwnes proionta avene edw sto Boukouresti alla dn vriskw :( Ehw akousei oti einai poli kala. Isxiei?

    1. Χαχα μην back to reality αυτο ειναι ονειρο ζωης που ειπες! Μονη ευχη να γινουμε πλουσιες και να βρουμε ενα τετοιο διαμαντι. Αυτο ηταν για να σου δωσει και ενα ομοιομορφο -μετριο - χρωμα, ανθεκτικο στο νερο και η προστασια του νομιζω καλη - θα δουμε στο μελλον :Ρ -
      Την ειχα ακουσει & γω απο μια φιλη, μου ειχε πει καλα λογια, προσωπικα δεν εχω αγοραζει αλλα προιοντα της. Παραξενο που δεν βρισκεις :/ Να σου πω, πλεον προτιμω τα online φαρμακεια, εχουν παντα εκπτωσεις και καλες τιμες σε ολα τα προιοντα. Μηπως μπορεις να βρεις εκει κατι!

  5. I'm sure I'd feel good in your city, on the photos it looks very much like mine - all these decaying buildings from the turn of 20th century, forgotten by everyone, yet standing on the main streets, dirty and with grafitti on them. I love such places, they feel so decadent, don't they? <3

    But your city is better - you have the Sea! Which sadly, I don't, even if the name of my city translates as 'Boat', so yeah, Sea would be desirable here >D

    1. It is refreshing hearing that many cities around the world have old buildings (abandoned or not) still standing. I admire those beauties a lot, even though people let them rot, abusing them with graffiti and dirt. Oh really?! It is a bit oxymoron! All cities are great sea or not, every place has it's beauty!

  6. These old buildings are so beautiful, it's a pity that they are abandoned (although, there's is beauty even in that). I live in a renaissance/classic town (with a gothic cathedral, too:D) buut I like the style, like is in your photos, much more - renaissance buildings are too plain and cold.
    Korres looks like a pretty good cosmetic brand, I have read about it on other blogs too, and everyone praises it! I am tempted to try their tinted lipbalm :D

    1. Hey :) There is a beauty in that, i agree, but if they want, government can give me some money to restore them and then give them to people who like those kind of houses ^^ You are welcome too of course to have whatever you like :D
      Hmm to be fair i never saw a Gothic cathedral from close and i don't know if i will get the chills when i set my eyes on a building with the particular architecture but it is one of my fav, i think is really beautiful. I would love to see buildings from your own city :D

      Oh yes, not because it is a greek brand and i want to "sell products". It is a really good company, because they make all their products based on natural sources and goods.
      http://www.sephora.com/lip-butter-P199109 I have use this lipbalm from them and it is delicious :D

    2. That's a good idea, I would love to have a home like this :D:D
      If you visit one, someday, maybe you won't get chills, but you will definitely remember their characteristic smell (I like it :D)
      I don't have any photos and I am currently not there, but if you want, just google "Prešov" :D

      I had exactly this one on my mind! :D I like the design very much and plum/wild rose look sooo good! :D I definitely need to get it somewhere :D

    3. Gosh your town surely has a style! I am definitely not used of seeing from close those kind of architecture. Very beautiful!!! And those are good - just different package http://www.korres.com/default.aspx?page_id=278 . Gosh now, i really need to save some money to buy it again :P Hope you found what you are looking for dear :*

  7. What beautiful buildings! Those are lovely photographs. Here where I live, there are not many old buildings. The oldest ones are generally from the 1800s (like my house) or perhaps a few from the 1700s, which is nice, but nothing too old, unfortunately. I hope to move to Europe one day...

    1. Those are not extremely old because my city suffered from many disasters, natural and by man's hand (mostly). Europe is full of them, as i can see in other countries. I do believe though, having buildings in your city, from the 1800s is really something beautiful and admirable, that they stayed there for so long!!

  8. I use the Eau Thermale Avène too! For me, it´s the best sunscreen I could find at the moment, so hope to hear about your opinion. It´s funny, but my pharmacist is always giving me free sample for +50 sunscreen as well. I think they believe they´re go to get rich in accounft of us, ahahah :P

    Lots of love darling!

    1. I liked it, but i cannot replace it with the Korres i am using!! I also liked the Vichy but again, i think i found my sunscreen :D Hahhaa so it is a universal thing!!! Glad he is giving you free samples because the feeling getting them is really amazing! :D Give them to meeeee!!! :P Many kisses my lady ^^ <3

  9. wow what a Beautiful City to explore, i would love to travel there and do shoots there.


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