Τετάρτη, 26 Μαρτίου 2014

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

Hey you and welcome once again to my blog. 
Yesterday i had a full day away from home and close to family members, 
and friends later, to celebrate the independence day.

[The Greek War of Independence, also known as the Greek Revolution.] 

And if you are not familiar with my country's weather, 
let me take you a little walk around... our sky. 
So yesterday we had a crystal clear blue sky and a big warm sun to keep us company. 

Ok for some people this may sound like heaven but for people like me it 
can be very challenging. Mostly because you need an army of things to carry around. 
Sunglasses, a huge hat, a parasol and a lot of sunscreen.!

But the good thing with the sun is the natural light 
*clear pictures to show you today yeah* 
I may overexaggerate with the amount but i hope you will enjoy my all time favourite 
homeless look for the day. :D
 Those hair changed through the day btw.

Some days back i was determined to be more creative with my posts. 
That meant i needed to be more inventive with the equipment 
i had in my hands. My last post was an example of what happened during my "experiment". 

The internet nowadays is full of people with gorgeous minds 
- the one side at least. Beauty and fashion bloggers, writters, painters, photographers. 
People who put effort and create something of their own. 
From my very first post as a blogger i wanted to create a corner of my own as well. 
A place to be myself. And till this post, after all this time i see a good development.
I make something` something that may seem unnecessary to some, 
unappealing to others but something that matters to me and makes me happy.

So, I would be glad to know your opinion about my posts 
or perhaps ideas of what you want to see in my page because sometimes 
even a blogger can ran out of imagination!!!! 
Take care yourself 

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  1. I love all these pictures. The sky look so blue, and you look so beautifull! Very nicely done!

    x Dawn

  2. Oh, this post's title gave me so much to think about. Self-doubt could be my middle name, and I still don't know how to change that :|

    1. As many negative things, self-doubt is a bitch. But you can change it a little at a time. For example it would be wiser to stop comparing yourself - your achievements to other people's appearances - achievements. Start by each day and compliment yourself about something and try not to care so much about what people think about you. Make decisions for yourself and then change whatever you dont like but try to end your work. Is not easy but one day you will look back and you will see that you did some huge steps for your own good :)

  3. That salad looks darn tasty. I love Greek food! It's also very healthy food.
    That bat ring is soo cool, were did you bought it?
    I should really consider my own blog, I'm often too lazy with my language and put more work on the photos. Oh you have the perfect time of year in your country now just in the middle between spring and summer <3

    1. :D Thank you!!!
      I forgot over the months to post some of my healthy dishes - if anyone was interested - but the other day when i made that salad it was so beautiful that i couldn't resist taking a picture ^-^ It was also very yummy indeed, The bat is from a shop in my city, i found it by accident - as always - during the past couple months. (Btw i like your photos is always nice to see things from different cities and countries so for me your page is always beautiful. Especially the magical landscape photos you post --> OMG!)

    2. Thanks :) The nature differ a lot from Greece, but I love both. Last time I landed at Kefalonia I got tears in my eyes when I felt that salty air and saw palm trees.
      Oh please, post more greek food :D

    3. We are surrounded by sea so, the salt air is mostly everywhere. Not to mention in islands (like Kefalonia!). Of course i will! There are so many courses that i dont eat because they are so heavy but my family doest so whenever i find chance i will snap pictures for you ^-^ I do have a food related post here http://mute-the-silence.blogspot.gr/2013/02/fit-is-not-destination-it-is-way-of-life.html with only some of the foods i eat, if you are interested. Take care my dear <3

  4. Ναι, είναι αλήθεια ότι το styling κι η "βιτρίνα" τέρπουν το μάτι αλλά νομίζω ότι το περιεχόμενο θα πρέπει να μας νοιάζει περισσότερο. Κι αυτό το λέω εγώ που "ακολουθώ" κατά καιρούς blogs που ασχολούνται αποκλειστικά με το φαίνεσθαι (σχιζοφρένεια). Κι εγώ θα ήθελα να έχω καλύτερη φωτογραφική μηχανή (με λαστιχάκια και μονωτική συγκρατώ τα κομμάτια της δικής μου), αλλά αυτό δεν με περιορίζει κιόλας (τεχνικά ναι, αλλά δε βαριέσαι...).

    Εν ολίγοις, δε νομίζω ότι χρειάζεται ν'αλλάξεις κάτι - όσο επικοινωνείς ιδέες προσωπικές κι όχι αναμασήματα τρίτων, είσαι στο σωστό δρόμο (παραλληρώ).

    *Πάλι εκτός θέματος βγήκα - θα το περάσω, κυρία, το μάθημα;

    1. Χαχα μια χαρά μου τα λές και έχεις και δίκιο και πάρε και 10 με τόνο και μια καραμέλα!! :Ρ Και γώ ακολουθώ διάφορα blogs τα οποία έχουν πιο.. ενάλαφρο περιεχόμενο. Και μόνο επιπέδου πράγματα καμιά φορά καταντάει κουραστικό. Ισορροποία πάνω απο όλα. Τώρα, για το blog μου, έχεις καταλάβει οτι δεν είναι blog με συγκεκριμένο χαρακτήρα - εδώ κολλάει η σχιζοφρένεια :Ρ) και ούτε ποτέ θα ήθελα να το κάνω μιας και δεν μαρέσει να περιορίζομαι. Αλλά τελευταία, κάτι με χαλούσε, άλλαζα τα background σαν τα πουκάμισα και γενικότερα με είχε πιάσει κάτι. ίσως να μην είχα και όρεξη. Σε νιώθω πάντως, εγω με το κινητό τα κάνω όλα και με ενα site με καλά edits που έχω βρεί, γιατι η ψηφιακή μου, μου τρώει ευκολά την μπαταρία(!). Αλλά αυτό που κατάλαβα είναι οτι καμια φορά η "εφευρετικότητα" έρχεται απο εκει που δεν το περιμένεις.

  5. The bat ring is super cute!!!

    Your posts are always interesting and visually appealing, plus it's fun to read about how bloggers live in different parts of the world. I'd suggest you keep blogging about the things you love. I think the best blogs are the ones where the blogger's personality shines through. :)

    1. Thank you :D You are so nice, thank you for your opinion very much ^-^
      I love that too. It was one of the main reasons i made a blog here. To see other countries and people away from my country. Their lives through their eyes! Is amazing what a picture can do to the reader and what a text can make him feel.

  6. Your blog has sort of a soothing and supporting element and it encourages to see the small, beautiful things in life. You really inspire me and I want to thank you for creating this haven of positive energy! :)

    1. My dear lady, is me who i need to thank your kindness! Your words truly flatter me, thank you so so much. I am so glad you still enjoy my page and my posts. Thank you <3 Wish you well!

  7. I think your blog is wonderful! I love your historical posts, and how you often post about books and movies and whatnot, and your decorations, art, etc., as well as how you are doing! It's all lovely.~ I think others' ideas with similar aesthetics to mine are very inspiring and indeed are a great source of creativity- Creativity that is a very charming and mysterious and glorious thing! I have a ring that looks just like that. Unfortunately, it broke in half.

    1. Heey how nice of you :D Yes, that is true. I got inspired from many people, either from real life, or bloggers and tumblr users. Internet is a magical world, if you are willing to use it correct and it can provide you soo many things, knowledge and creativity is some of them! :) Oh and i am sorry about the ring :/ Mine doesn't seem very strong either..

  8. Oh Magda you beautiful woman! I simply adore your hair in that updo, it must make those long hot sunny days a little less troublesome as I know all to well that long dark hair isn't ideal for hot days! I have to say you look very Brody Dalle in that first image of you on the right with your hands outstretched! I love your blog how it is, your own creativity, interests and wonderful personality shines through so much but if you feel like you want to change it up a little then do whatever you like, it is your blog after all!

    1. Oh my what a compliment, you make me blush! :$ I intent on keeping that hairstyle - even if it took me a while to do and from the one side was already falling apart :P - because hot summer days are approaching! And thank you for your words, once again. I was feeling some months back a little weird and i wasn't in the best mood to blog (we all bloggers know those days/months we have) But now everything is fine. Not having the right equipment can make a blogger's life challenging but also very creative. :D

  9. It's been a while but you are looking as gorgeous as ever! I love the first pics, and and the other pics too~ Lovely~ ~~

  10. Greetings dear,

    You are a really gorgeus lady, I wish i would have the guts to wear that kind of hats, I love how to make any look more witchy, they look wondefull on you.

    Best Regards

    1. So flattered by your words! Thank you <3
      Why not to wear those kind of hats? I cannot believe they can make any lady look weird. It's a gorgeous accessory. I myself love them because of the witchy feeling they give as well as the great protection they provide me against the sun. They are great weapons, trust me, you are going to love them. Just find the one you are going to love.


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